Passionate Engineering Leader & Full-Stack Developer | JavaScript | TypeScript | Node | React | GraphQL | SQL | NoSQL | DevOps | AWS
I specialize in a wide range of technologies, bringing expertise in frontend (React, GraphQL), backend (TypeScript, Node), and data solutions (SQL & NoSQL databases). I also leverage DevOps practices and AWS services to build and manage robust infrastructure.
Throughout my career, I've thrived in both individual contributor and leadership roles, collaborating with clients and teams to transform software ideas into successful products. I excel at the entire development lifecycle, ensuring high-quality code from design to deployment.
What sets me apart:
Leadership: Adept at guiding and empowering engineering teams, driving continuous improvement and exceeding expectations.
Rapid Learning: My passion for technology fuels my ability to quickly learn and implement new tools and methods.
Challenge Seeker: I welcome new problems and thrive in dynamic environments, constantly seeking opportunities to grow and contribute.
Let's connect! I'm eager to collaborate on exciting projects and share my technical expertise and leadership skills to help you achieve your development goals.